March 15, 2013

Who can use our StickOn Bifocals

Who can use our StickOn lenses

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Yesss… you have finally found the “new” never seen before StickOn Bifocals By Zcifi!!!  They are available in all strengths seen here.  Your search for this wonderful product is finally over.

This is an adherent silicone like lens that does not require a doctor’s prescription.  Our StickOn lenses give you the magnification you need when you need it!  You can simply apply these lenses to the inside of any eyewear.  Never fumble through your purse, home or your car ever again, looking for your reading glasses.  Enjoy shopping, walking and doing the things you like feeling confident and secure by letting our StickOn Bifocals By Zcifi help you with all the small details.


  • Steaming PotsCooking many times requires precise measuring and reading.  Many of us while cooking encounter the splattering of hot oil, steam and boiling water just to name a few.  You no longer have to take these risks.  Wearing protective eyewear and applying our StickOn lenses gives you the security you need to feel safe again.
  •  skying-slider Cross Country Skiing, Hiking and Back Packing, they all most importantly require a map and compass among other equipment.  Accurately read your maps and compasses while outdoors having fun.  Put your mind at ease by letting our StickOn lenses get you to your final destination.
  •  diver-slider   Divers & Snorkelers can apply our StickOn lenses to the inside of their dive masks and discover a new world under water.
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  • Drivers   Feel safe while driving again.  Protect your eyes from the sun and still be able to read your gauges while driving on the road.
  • sitck-on-bifocals-case-zebras-fishing 
  • Fishing  Is one of the most popular outdoor things to do is fishing. Many of us love fishing whether it is freshwater fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing or ice fishing. At some point we have all heard or saw a fishing hook accident of some sort. Let’s be proactive and protect your self especially your eyes from any type of injury. Put your mind at ease by simply applying our StickOn lenses to your eye-wear while enjoying your day fishing.
    Golfers Pic (1)  
  • Golfers Bifocals Enjoy playing golf again with no vision worries.  Keep your distance vision clear when looking down at your golf ball and when lining up a drive or putt.  By putting “one” of our StickOn lenses placed above and on the outside corner of one lens.  Typically the right lens has the segment for right-handed golfers and the left lens for left-handed golfers.
  • Handy Man NO Bifocals (1) 
  • Home Projects are sometimes endless.  Safety should always be priority number one.  No matter if you are fixing something at home or work. Never take any risks especially with your eyes.  Simply apply our StickOn lenses to your safety glasses/goggles and let us help you with the small stuff.
  • hunting-slide 
  • Hunting 
  • Whether you are hunting or target shooting some of us need a little help focusing. Many individuals between the ages of 40 to 65 years of age will require some type of reading magnification.Never put reading glasses under your protective glasses ever again. Lacking ability to focus on nearby objects will become a thing of the past, after using our New StickOn Bifocals by Zcifi.Your eyes are extremely important and everyone should protect their eyes from any injury. We know that there are already bifocal safety glasses in the market.  The problem that many individuals encounter is sometimes the bifocal part is too high or too low.  What makes our StickOn Bifocals by Zcifi so unique; is that you can simply stick them exactly where you need them. Another common problem is that they get scratched very easily and after just a few uses they get thrown away With our StickOn Bifocal lenses you can simply remove them and use them over and over again. Our lenses when placed in the reading segments provide the magnification you need for nearby objects.  Once you have placed our StickOn lenses in their proper place start enjoying the world of hunting all over again.
  • mechanics-slder 
  • Mechanics, Welders, Handymen and others, no longer risk eye injuries while working with any of your mechanical tools.  Simply apply a pair of our StickOn Bifocals to the inside of your safety goggles and read while working.  The problem with the already built in readers:  I know that there are safety goggles & protective eyewear available in the retail market with already built in readers/magnifiers in them.   One of the complaints I’ve heard is that many times the built in readers/magnifiers are not always in the correct place for the user to see perfectly They are either too low or too high; this can sometimes interfere with their distance vision.  Our StickOn lenses give you the freedom to apply them exactly were you need them to be.  Another complaint I’ve heard is that the built in readers/magnifiers get scratched very easily.   This means that after just a few uses you have to throw them away and this can get costly.  Our StickOn lenses will almost never get scratched and you can remove them and reuse them over and over again.
  • Mature couple on a motorbike. 
  • Motorcyclist and Cyclists never misread or guess your gauges any longer.  Simply apply our StickOn lenses to your goggles and start enjoying the open road again.
  • Pilot in an airplane cabinPilots can easily view their upper and lower instruments by simply adhering two or more sets of lenses to their sunglasses or eyewear.
  • One woman on the beach with a book 
  • Reading Out Doors  Enjoy “reading” while out in the sun by simply applying a set of our StickOn Bifocals By Zcifi.
  • rock-climber-sitck-on-bifocals 
  • Rock Climber’s each movement is made with precise thought and concentration with no room for error.  Let our StickOn lenses help you get to the top with confidence and feeling safe.
  • skydivers-slider 
  • Sky Divers have an enormous amount of responsibilities during their jumps.  They need to read their speed, altitude and glide ratio in real time during their jumps.  By applying our StickOn lenses to their goggles they can have the perfect viewing angle they need to feel safe and confident during their jump.
  • raquet-ball-sitck-on-bifocals
  • “Raquetball Players” enjoy the intensity of the game against their opponents. In the same way that each player has their own style of playing racket ball, some players at times need help with their vision of fast moving objects.  For example like the ball at close range. By simply apply our magnifying lenses to their goggles will give them the self-confidence they need while enjoying their game.
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Author: Ana Mottie

Ana Mottie is the CEO of Zcifi Stick On Bifocals. She is a subject matter expert on Stick On Magnifying Reading Lenses.

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