May 31, 2014

#+40, #+50, #+60 #Bifocal #Sunglasses #Specials

Stickon Bifocals

Star enjoying summer by turning your sunglasses into bifocals in an instant!

 This is a “brand new” product, never made like this before.  We use brand new techniques and materials.  They are more flexibly, thinner, smaller, environmentally friendly, UV protected against yellowing and more adherent than ever before. Our lenses are made from an adherent silicone like material that does not require a doctor’s prescription.  These lenses simply give you the #magnification you need when you need it.  Simply apply our lenses to the inside of your #sunglasses, #diving mask, #safety #goggles or any other #eyes #wear. 

  • Easy to Apply, Remove, Reuse
  • Come in a variety of powers +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00
  • No Doctor’s prescription needed
  • Apply to sunglasses, diving masks, safety goggles or any other eye wear
  • No cutting necessary “Perfect Size
  • 2for29-99-stick-on-bifocals-zcifi



Author: Ana Mottie

Ana Mottie is the CEO of Zcifi Stick On Bifocals. She is a subject matter expert on Stick On Magnifying Reading Lenses.

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