April 24, 2013

+1.00 and +1.25 Strengths

Different Strengths  adjust lenses


We have been contacted by several individuals that have visited our soon to launch website.  They have expressed their concerns in regards to needing lower strengths than what we will have coming available soon.  We are conducting a survey regarding this concern.  If you are someone that needs the +1.00 or +1.25 we would love to hear from you.  Please send us your comments and we will review them for posting on our website.


Thank you and we hope to hear from you.

Author: Ana Mottie

Ana Mottie is the CEO of Zcifi Stick On Bifocals. She is a subject matter expert on Stick On Magnifying Reading Lenses.

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Yes I need +1.00 thank you!

Have you got the lower strength stick on bifocals yet? +1.00 would be great!